MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether)


MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) is a high Octane Number (RON 117) chemical compound, and accordingly mostly used in gasoline as an octane booster and oxygenate, that prevents engine knock. The most important current use of MTBE is as an environmentally safer gasoline additive to replace lead organic additive compounds in the unleaded gasoline for minimizing air pollution. TASCO, as the first company in Asia Pacific region to produce MTBE and had been the leading manufacturer in Taiwan for decades, is proud of serving our society with cleaner air. The production of MTBE was the first step of TASCO’s effort to help improve Taiwan’s air quality and environment.

MTBE(甲基第三丁基醚)是一種高辛烷值(RON 117)化學品,廣泛用做汽油添加劑,可防止汽車引擎震爆。TASCO是亞太地區第一家MTBE生產商, MTBE的商業生產是TASCO在致力於改善台灣空氣和環境品質的第一步。 TASCO自主研發MTBE生產技術,並仍繼續改善製程效率。

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