DTBP (di-tert-butylphenol)

2,4-DTBP (2,4 di-tert-butyl phenol)


2,6-DTBP (2,6 di-tert-butyl phenol)


2,4- DTBP and 2,6-DTBP are isobutylene based alkylphenol chemicals. They are the important precursors to the antioxidants, primarily used in the production of plastics. They are also used as an intermediate for the preparation of light stabilizers, pharmaceuticals and fragrances.

In response to the rapidly growing demand of DTBP in Taiwan and Asia Pacific area, TASCO had launched an research program and successfully commercialized 2,4-DTBP and 2,6-DTBP production in 2004 by self-developed technology. TASCO continues to dedicate in the process improvement to provide our customers high quality DTBP products and service.



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