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TASCO Chemical Corp., EXCEL Chemical Corp. and Tuntex Petrochemical Inc., are the affiliates of TASCO Group who contribute in petrochemical industry. Both of TASCO Chemical Corp. and EXCEL Chemical Corp. specialized in C4 chemistry and its derivatives, for example of MTBE, MA and MEK. 

Based from C4, we devoted in R&D of new products and production technology, and continually diversified our products into fine chemicals and solvent chemicals. For example, DTBP, MCH and DAA, etc. The main manufacturing complex is located in Lin Yuan, Kaohsiung and produces high quality chemical products selling worldwide. 

In addition, TASCO Group’s main business in aromatics petrochemicals is Tuntex Petrochemical Inc., a leading PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) producer in Taiwan. PTA is the main raw material for the polyester industry. Production facility of Tuntex Petrochemical Inc. is located in Tainan, and our PTA products are supplied to worldwide chemical fibre market.



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