OTBP (o-tert-butylphenol)

OTBP (ortho-tert-butyl phenol)


OTBP (ortho-tert-butyl phenol) is raw materials for oil soluble synthetic resins, insecticides and other agro products. OTBP is widely used to manufacture perfumery intermediates. 

TASCO has been devoted to the research and development on butyl phenols derivative chemicals. TASCO commercialized OTBP production in 2009 by self-developed technology.

OTBP(鄰-第三丁基苯酚 )為一種精細化學品,廣泛用於合成油溶性樹脂、香水香料、抗氧化劑、農藥用化學品等產業中。鑒於亞州地區OTBP市場前景看好,TASCO積極自主研發OTBP生產技術,並於2009年正式商業化生產。

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