PTBP (p-tert-butylphenol)

PTBP (para-tert-butyl phenol)


PTBP (para-tert-butyl phenol) is mainly used in the manufacture of Polycarbonate(PC) as a terminator to control the molecular weight. It is also used in PTBP formaldehyde resins (PTBP-FR) for surface coating applications. PTBP-FR is utilized as tackifier for synthetic rubber and as adhesives in the tyre industry. PTBP is important raw material in perfume industry. In addition, PTBP can be used as UV absorbent, anti-chaps for pesticide, rubber, coatings and as effective antioxidant for lubricating oil.

In 2008, TASCO commercialized PTBP production with our own developed technology. By advanced equipment and improved process, TASCO's PTBP quality meets the severe requirements from downstream customers. In 2011, TASCO was granted as qualified supplier for optical grade PC manufacturers.

In order to develop and maintain our market in Europe, TASCO had received REACH registration certificate of PTBP product.

對第三丁基苯酚 (PTBP)主要用於PC聚碳酸酯分子鏈終止劑,另可用於酚醛樹脂產業;此外,也是光穩定劑、香水香料的重要原料。TASCO自主研發PTBP生產技術,以專業技術與工程設計,於2008年正式商業化生產高品質PTBP產品,於2011年產品通過PC(聚碳酸酯)光學級應用認證。 


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