Creating a Better Future

  - Our Environmental Protection & Industrial Safety (EP & IS)


  - 我們的環保工安(EP & IS)

In recent years, energy saving has become an important environmental issue. TASCO’s engineers have improved several manufacturing processes in regards to energy saving procedures and green engineering. Facing the challenges of global climate change and sustainable development, it is possible to approach the goal of transition from a traditional chemical industry manufacturing to a low-carbon, energy-efficient economy. Waste management is another big issue in pollutant control of the industry. The improvement of waste water treatment is another evidence of TASCO’s environmental efforts. Our knowledge and practical experience provides more cleanly chemical production. All of these examples show TASCO’s commitment to improving the quality of living by creating high-tech products for a better environment.

TASCO believes that research, development and technological innovation are essential for social progress and economic growth. Although obstacles will be encountered in the progress of environmental management, with new projects being developed, TASCO will keep continual efforts creating new processes in the 21st century.




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