TBA (tert-butyl alcohol)

TBA (tert-butyl alcohol) is a non-corrosive organic solvent widely used in various fields, and can be blended in gasoline as an octane booster and oxygenate additive. TBA is also an important intermediate for fine chemicals manufacturing. As well, TBA is the main raw material of tert-butyl functional group in organic synthesis. TASCO commercialized TBA production by our expertise technology. 




Substance Information

 Chemical Name
 tertiary butyl alcohol, 
 tert-butyl alcohol, TBA, 
 CAS Number
 CAS 編號
 EC Number
 EC 編號
 Molecule Formula
 Molecule Weight
 74.12 g/mol 
 Boiling Point
 82.4 °C 
 clear liquid with a camphor-like odor


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