MA (maleic anhydride)

MA (maleic anhydride) is an important raw material for alkyd resin and unsaturated polyester resin (UPR), which are widely used in yachts, bathroom fixtures, automobiles, tanks, pipes and so on. MA is also used for production of 1,4-butanediol, synthetic fibers, detergents, pharmaceuticals, fuel additives and stabilizers, and other fine chemicals. In addition, it is widely applied in the preparation of certain agricultural chemicals.
In 1990, TASCO began MA commercial production. Instead of toxic benzene, n-butane is used as a feedstock in TASCO’s MA unit. With advanced equipment and improved process, our MA product quality meets the severe requirements from customers. 
In order to develop and maintain our MA market in Europe, TASCO had received REACH registration certificate of MA product.


MA (馬來酸酐)是醇酸樹脂和不飽和聚酯樹脂(UPR)的重要原料,廣泛應用在遊艇、浴室設備、汽車、管材等產業中。 


Substance Information

 Chemical Name
 maleic anhydride 
 CAS Number
 CAS 編號
 EC Number
 EC 編號
 Molecule Formula
 Molecule Weight
 98.06 g/mol 
 Boiling Point
 202 °C 
 white crystalline solid with an acrid


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