History of TASCO Group

Year Event 紀事
2020  Started up IPHO plant  IPHO廠開車投產
2019  Started up DAA plant  DAA廠開車投產
2014  Started up MA No.2 plant  MA二廠開車投產
2011  PTBP product gets qualified for
 application in PC (Polycarbonate)
 optical grade.
2010  DTBP product capacity was
2009  OTBP unit started up.  OTBP廠開車投產
2008  PTBP unit started up.  PTBP廠開車投產
2007  IPA unit started up.  IPA廠開車投產
2006  Butene-1 product capacity was
2004  TASCO Group took over Tuntex
 Petrochemical Inc. and extended our
 petrochemical business into PTA
 DTBP production unit started up.

2002  TASCO Group took over SAFEWAY
 GAS Company and Ming-Xing
 Chemical Corporation to manage
 LPG business
 MEK product capacity was expanded.

1998  TASCO Group established NSEnergy 
 corporation to manage LPG business.
1995  TASCO Group started LPG business
 and established Shun Li Tung
 Logistics Company
1992  MTBE product capacity was
1991  MA unit started up.  MA廠開車投產
1990  Butene-1 unit started up.  Butene-1廠開車投產
1989  EXCEL Chemical Corporation was
1988  SBA/MEK unit started up.  SBA/MEK廠開車投產
1984  MTBE unit started up.  MTBE廠開車投產
1982  TASCO Chemical Corporation was


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